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Oceanfront lavender in the Sequim Valley, America's Provence

Having grown up on a farm on the Canadian prairies and later bringing his young bride out to live on Vancouver Island as a Canadian Mountie, Dan and Janet Abbott dreamed of one day returning to Victoria and having a small farm nearby in their retirement years. From across the water on the southern bluffs of the Stait of Juan de Fuca, a parcel of land was discovered and purchased in 2002. The Carriage House, with the farm store, was subsequently built and then an adjoining parcel was added with construction on the iconic B&B inn, a replica of Mount Vernon, beginning in 2006. Check availability now!


Two years later the inn opened for business and a field of lavender was planted over a geothermal field that had been installed for the inn's heating and cooling system. More lavender was added over the years. The Washington Lavender Festival began, and later the Northwest Colonial Festival, bringing lavender lovers and history buffs from across the country to enjoy the property's unique setting where agritourism is king.


Lavender is organically grown and harvested by hand to ensure the finest quality of steam-distilled essential oil and dried lavender bud. All lavender products are made on-site and are available in the farm store. Agriculture was a passion of George Washington at Mount Vernon, and we seek to emulate his quest for the best stewardship of this rich farmland with its beautiful panorama of snow-capped mountains, lush forests and blue ocean waters.  

We're dedicated to organically growing and producing the finest lavender products

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​~ Located in the beautiful Sequim Valley, "America's Provence" ~
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